Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of St. Brigid's Orphanage (1894)

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Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of St. Brigid's Orphanage (1894)




Sisters of the Holy Faith; St. Brigid's Orphanage


Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of St. Brigid’s Orphanage (1894). It is submitted by the Sisters of the Holy Faith. The mission of the orphanage and schools is noted as: ‘first, the protection of the faith of Catholic children, and especially Orphan and destitute children, second, to render their faith intelligent by teaching them the Christian truths, and thirdly, making it active and lively by training them in the holy practices commanded or sanctioned by the Church’. The report details the number of orphans; reunification of orphans with parents; orphan adoptions; orphan apprenticeships; the schooling of orphans; and the rearing of orphans. It notes that admissions were for children in most danger of losing their Catholic faith. Examples of orphan circumstances are depicted. Protocols for religious instruction and education in general is detailed. The benefits of the boarding-out (foster care) system is discussed; and premiums paid to nurses (foster parents) is noted. It describes support and donations for the cause, noting the support of clergymen and several guild associations. It notes that some Protestants also donate to the cause. There is mention of an incident with a Protestant institution, and brief note on Proselytism. The report discusses the work of the Holy Faith schools. Holy Faith Schools are not in receipt of state aid. It provides statistics on attendance; and of children who completed First Communion, and Confirmation. It notes that most schools have an attached lending library. A list of benefactors and donations to St. Brigid’s Orphanage and Holy Faith Schools is listed (including clergymen and guild associations). In the appendix is a letter of solicitation for support, donations, and subscriptions. Also, in the appendix is a description of assistance of the Sisters of the Holy Faith to the Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen Of Charity, in Little Strand Street; and an extract of a pamphlet published by his Lordship the Bishop of Southwark and kindly presented to St. Brigid’s Orphanage, titled ‘Practical Direction and Suggestions as to Appointed Testamentary Guardian.’


St. Brigid's Orphanage
46 Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland
Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland
Orphan statistics
Boarding-out system
Nurses (foster parents)
Holy Faith schools
Sisters of the Holy Faith
Protestant institutions
Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Charity
Aylward, Margaret (1810-1889)


Reports 1885-1906 (Archive Only) (HFA1/O/ES/F/33/SBO-AR-1885-1906)


William Powell (22 Parliament Street, Dublin)








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